Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well. It has been a while. I love looking back at things I wrote years ago and seeing the changes in my writing style, my mood (...), and my maturity to handle things....better...
Life has been crazy lately. I absolutely love high school! I played volleyball, acted in our school's musical (Beauty and the Beast) and have grown in some amazing friendships. I have been crazy busy with school recently. It's official. Spring is the hectic-est time of the year. Teachers realize they're only on chapter 2 when they're supposed to be on 22. Musical rehearsal from 3-6 everyday. Musical rehearsal from 3-9 on dress rehearsal days. Concerts. Tests Galore. and Finals...finals...finals....shoot. I don't even want to think about those right now....
But as busy as it's been recently, I've definitely had more fun. I'm doing things I love to do, hanging out with people I love to hang out with, and being more of myself at school than I've ever been at this school.

Anyways. School tomorrow. Bright and early. and it's dark and late. and I'm tired and cranky. So I'll go to bed and sleep.
Maybe this time I won't wait another year before posting...

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