Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's an individual thing.

Recently on facebook and other blogs, I've seen a lot of parents struggle with the decision to homeschool or send their children off to school. So I thought I would give my 2 cents about the struggle.

I don't think there is a best way in general. There is, however, a best way for each particular child. Yes, there are major issues with public school systems, but I know a good number of kids who went through public school their whole lives and they turned out great! They found students, teachers, and activities that they 'clicked' with. However, I also know other kids who went to public school who were miserable for the short time they were there. Bullying, uncaring teachers, and inappropriate classmates factored into their misery. Personally, I attended public school for a year and didn't have a problem. I loved my teacher and found a few friends.

At the same time, homeschooling can have it's difficulties also. I was homeschooled the good majority of my elementary years and half of 8th grade year. Some children have problems getting along with their parents or feeling socially excluded. I just had problems academically. I am a competitive person, and as odd as it sounds, I 'compete' to get a good grade. When you're homeschooled, there is no other competition, even if you have siblings. My grades were..uh...not as great as they could have been when I was homeschooled. I thrive in a classroom environment where I can make a better grade than the person sitting next to me. At the same time, my parents and I didn't want me to be exposed to some of the public school faults.

Private school just seems like the best option for me. And I love it. Right now, I'm attending a Christian school where the teachers care about you, there isn't as much bullying, and I still get that social experience that homeschoolers can sometimes miss out on. I understand this isn't the perfect ideal for each and every person, and finances play a huge role in the decision to private school. My mom is a teacher at the school I attend, so I get 'free' tuition. But I encourage people to see that homeschooling and public schooling aren't the only options.

Anyways. that's my two cents. I think that every kid and parent need different things in a school, so there isn't a right way and a wrong way. It's an individual thing.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chicken Auction

I want to get something out before I tell this next story. I love my parents.

Free evenings for this busy high school girl are a rarity, so when I had an opportunity (I thought) to stay home alone last night, I jumped. I looked forward to a night home. alone. Singing my heart out, eating whatever I wanted, and maybe even doing something productive. Besides, after spending a week at school with 200 people shoving, pushing, crowding, and making me feel claustrophobic, I need a night ALONE.

Anyways. We came home from school and I sat down in front of the TV, contently watching the Waltons as I thought about what to do all that evening. You see, my parents were going to go to a chicken auction with my neighbor and Kyle and Kari. Kelly was working. My parents were came in from fixing the chicken coop (just in case they were to get any...), and my dad said that I really should go because they were going to eat out and it would be a nice family time. um. Kelly wasn't with us. that's not family time....in my opinion (which, by the way, apparently doesn't matter..)

But alas, they made me go. They pulled the parent card on me. So I reluctantly got into the car and went. to a chicken auction. on a Friday night. with my partial family.

A 30 minute drive later, and we were in the middle of nowhere in a barn in the middle of a field. Literally. the middle of a field. There were a bunch of... *obese*... farmers in overalls walking around, making strange comments about these noisy (and stinky!) chickens.

I'm telling you. This place was weird. After taking a picture of some guys hair, I decided to go call my best friend and sit out in the car. she didn't answer. I saw a crate of puppies, so I went and petted them, but they were FULL of fleas, ticks, and mites. it was so gross, the poor things.

The next thing I know, mom brings 5 chickens out to the car in feed bags. um. okay?.?. We went out to eat at this hometown diner, and got home 4 hours later.

Anyways. that was my chicken auction experience. never again..

Saturday, April 30, 2011

their you go! Sea you tomarrow!

First and foremost, I want anyone and everyone to know that I am the official president of the OCD Punctuation Police. The OPP does not get paid. The OPP does not have an office. The OPP does not have uniforms or guns. The OPP does, however, put to use any members OCD. One of the only qualifications of a member (in case you were wondering) is OCD. You must be able to read and catch grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes on facebook, powerpoints, worksheets, tests, newspapers, magazines....basically, if it has words on it, it's your job to call 'em like you see 'em. Membership is not official (yet..). There are no meetings, groups, or Facebook pages, but if you would like to become a member, just keep your eyes peeled.

Here are some other qualifications:
  • No shyness here. If you see a mistake, let people know. Like I said, you call 'em like you see 'em!
  • Must be able to tell the difference of 'their', 'they're', and 'there' and other alike words
  • Must never make horrible spelling mistakes like 'tomarrow' *shudders*
  • Must have some sort of punctuation experience. Lets,not,overuse,commas,or anything.
Anyways, if you're interested, just find mistakes!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well. It has been a while. I love looking back at things I wrote years ago and seeing the changes in my writing style, my mood (...), and my maturity to handle things....better...
Life has been crazy lately. I absolutely love high school! I played volleyball, acted in our school's musical (Beauty and the Beast) and have grown in some amazing friendships. I have been crazy busy with school recently. It's official. Spring is the hectic-est time of the year. Teachers realize they're only on chapter 2 when they're supposed to be on 22. Musical rehearsal from 3-6 everyday. Musical rehearsal from 3-9 on dress rehearsal days. Concerts. Tests Galore. and Finals...finals...finals....shoot. I don't even want to think about those right now....
But as busy as it's been recently, I've definitely had more fun. I'm doing things I love to do, hanging out with people I love to hang out with, and being more of myself at school than I've ever been at this school.

Anyways. School tomorrow. Bright and early. and it's dark and late. and I'm tired and cranky. So I'll go to bed and sleep.
Maybe this time I won't wait another year before posting...