Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's an individual thing.

Recently on facebook and other blogs, I've seen a lot of parents struggle with the decision to homeschool or send their children off to school. So I thought I would give my 2 cents about the struggle.

I don't think there is a best way in general. There is, however, a best way for each particular child. Yes, there are major issues with public school systems, but I know a good number of kids who went through public school their whole lives and they turned out great! They found students, teachers, and activities that they 'clicked' with. However, I also know other kids who went to public school who were miserable for the short time they were there. Bullying, uncaring teachers, and inappropriate classmates factored into their misery. Personally, I attended public school for a year and didn't have a problem. I loved my teacher and found a few friends.

At the same time, homeschooling can have it's difficulties also. I was homeschooled the good majority of my elementary years and half of 8th grade year. Some children have problems getting along with their parents or feeling socially excluded. I just had problems academically. I am a competitive person, and as odd as it sounds, I 'compete' to get a good grade. When you're homeschooled, there is no other competition, even if you have siblings. My grades were..uh...not as great as they could have been when I was homeschooled. I thrive in a classroom environment where I can make a better grade than the person sitting next to me. At the same time, my parents and I didn't want me to be exposed to some of the public school faults.

Private school just seems like the best option for me. And I love it. Right now, I'm attending a Christian school where the teachers care about you, there isn't as much bullying, and I still get that social experience that homeschoolers can sometimes miss out on. I understand this isn't the perfect ideal for each and every person, and finances play a huge role in the decision to private school. My mom is a teacher at the school I attend, so I get 'free' tuition. But I encourage people to see that homeschooling and public schooling aren't the only options.

Anyways. that's my two cents. I think that every kid and parent need different things in a school, so there isn't a right way and a wrong way. It's an individual thing.

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