Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Be sure your Dentist will find you out. . . .

Yesterday I went to the dentist to simply get my teeth cleaned and lo and behold, the dentist knew everything I've eaten since my last appointment. and not because I don't brush my teeth or because I had really bad breath. I'm not really sure how she does it, but it goes a little like this:

"Do you floss twice daily?"
"Do you eat candy?"
"Do you sip on pop?"
"Do you drink Gatorade?"
"Do you have fluoride in your water?"
"Do you eat sugary cereals?"
"Do you consistently brush your teeth EVERY night before you go to bed?"
"Do you like to eat cookie dough?"
"Do you rinse out your mouth after you have pop or Gatorade?"

I mean. seriously. they asked me EVERY one of those questions. and let's just say I slack off on that stuff every once in a while ;) Which isn't necessarily good. But who really wants to rinse out their mouth after they have a little sip of pop? Anyway. I thought that I should just share that because . . . . . I don't really know why. But let's just say I've had some *great* dentist experiences;) Like getting those 11 teeth pulled (yes, all at once). Or having that one tooth pried out. Those didn't feel so good :) But I do appreciate what they're trying to do! ;)

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