Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Animals

Some of the most important things in my life are my pets. And as stupid as this sounds, it's true. I have 2 horses, one dog, one cat, and my younger sister has 2 birds and a rabbit. As far as the birds and rabbit go, I could honestly careless. I like an animal that will do tricks, not pee on you, and won't just fly away :P But I love my horses, dog, and cat. So I'll tell you a little story from each of them :)
  • Boomer - We got Boomer this summer when we moved here. He's fat, kinda lazy, but an amazing horse :) He's really nice to people, but he's a butt when it comes to poor Sooner :( Let's just say that his favorite pastime is nipping Sooner's rear end :P
  • Sooner - We got him the same time we got Boomer -- they've been together since birth. He's a little bit younger than Boomer, and he's definitely most frisky. He has scars all over his rear end from Boomer biting it, but I try extra hard to be nice to Sooner :) Don't tell anyone, but he's my favorite;)
  • Scout - He's our dog, a 4 1/2 year old sheltie that already has arthritis. It's pretty pathetic, but we still love him :) He's my boy -- He got me through a lot this Summer when we moved and I'm super thankful for him :) There will be pictures of him up on here very soon :)
  • Thomas - He's our cat from Japan. He's fat, and likes to sleep, but he's not lazy :)He's small for a cat, but I think he's beautiful - I'll post pictures of him someday too :)

Anyways. Those are my boys, and I love them to death :) I hope to someday get another dog, but we "have too many pets" -- (only because Kari has 3 of her own :P )

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