Sunday, April 25, 2010


My family moves a lot because my dad is in the military. It can sometimes be really really difficult, but sometimes be really cool :) For instance, I got to live in Okinawa, Japan, for 3 years! We loved it there! My house was a block away from the East China Sea, and because we were homeschooled, we went down to the ocean to go snorkeling a lot! Also, my family lived in Nebraska. And although that may sound really boring, we met some awesome people :) We went to a small Christian school there, and I made some amazing friends. But moving can also be really hard -- emotionally and physically. This last summer, my family moved from Nebraska (we had been there for 4 years) to Oklahoma. Like I said before, I had some awesome friends, and it was incredibly hard to say goodbye to them. Then when we got here, I didn't know anyone my own age.
When you move within the country, the Air Force gives you a choice to either move yourself (they actually pay you!) or they will move for you. We thought it was a good idea to move ourselves considering it was only a 7 hour trip. And although we had a lot of fun and got paid for it, it was hard. We started packing in May around the same time my brother was graduating from HS. It was crazy at our house. We were trying to get ready for a graduation party and trying to pack ourselves! It was also hectic because our school was moving into their new building, so we were trying to help them and we had to pack up my mom's classroom (she was a drama teacher, so we had to pack all of the costumes and other junk). But I think looking back on it, we wouldn't do it any other way! Although it was a crazy hectic, we had crazy fun! :)
Every time we move, I just think God is teaching me to rely on his love and strength, and not other people's :) Although it's hard, I know that the testing of my faith develops perseverance (James 1:1-8) :)

P.S. I'm glad my dad knows how to drive a semi-truck! :)

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  1. if you didnt know already. I think we (the eighth grade class) miss you too.